Why Tri Delta?

Becoming a Tri Delta is a life-changing experience filled with new friends, responsibilities, and exciting character-building opportunities. Delta Delta Delta has been providing a perpetual bond of friendship for more than 120 years.


Commitment to Diversity

From the very beginning, Sarah Ida Shaw and her sorority sisters celebrated the various character traits that make each individual a special young woman. The policies, procedures, plans and programs of Delta Delta Delta exemplify inclusiveness, appreciation for diversity, and respect for human dignity and the worth of the individual.


High Standards of Excellence

Tri Delta’s Accreditation Plan was set in place to support chapters in having high standards of excellence within their chapters.  The plan focuses on five major areas:  financial responsibility, intellectual life, leadership and collaboration, member recruitment, and new member integration.


Responsibility to Serve

The responsibility to serve has long held an important place in the hearts of Tri Deltas.  This commitment to civic engagement and responsibility is reflected in the Fraternity’s philanthropic activities and service opportunities.


Dedication to Leadership Development

The Center for Living, Learning & Leading, the Fraternity’s newest educational foundation, continues this long-standing tradition by sponsoring programs that empower Tri Delta’s members to broaden their moral and intellectual life.


Alumnae, we value your referrals. If you know someone interested in joining Delta Delta Delta log in to My Tri Delta on (this verifies you are a member in good standing). Once you have a successfully logged on you can find both the online and printable PDF reference forms under Resources > All Members. Or you can type in “reference form” using the search feature.


To review Tri Delta’s legacy policy, visit

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